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Dental appliances

Richmond’s Masters in Crafting Cosmetic Dentistry Products

As a dental practitioner, you want to be able to provide your patients with products that will assist them in achieving the most optimal oral health possible. Whether it’s being able to smile confidently, protective or corrective appliances, you can trust the technicians at Richmond’s Vetech Dental Laboratories. For more than 20 years, our full-service professional dental lab has been masterfully crafting cosmetic dentistry products. Working collaboratively with dental offices throughout the province and the world, we can produce dental prescriptions to exact specifications for:

  • Night guards
  • Protective appliances
  • Cast/removable partials
  • Crown bridges
  • Dentures
  • Retainers
  • Implants

As we’re a fully certified Vitallium® laboratory, we can also do modifications and repairs on existing dental appliances.

Industry-Trusted Brands & Materials

To ensure that we’re providing products with the most comfortable fit, durability and function, we only use the following industry-trusted brands and materials:

  • Valplast® – flexible partials as an affordable alternative to fixed restorations, providing a long-lasting, comfortable and natural-looking smile.
  • Cu-Sil® – as the only lab in the province that does Cu-Sil®, we’re able to provide partial dentures that can accommodate mobile, isolated or periodontally involved teeth.
  • PALA® Digital Dentures – using 3D software, PALA Digital Dentures allow for a perfect fit to be created with significantly less chair time.
  • Lucitone® FRS™ – as a flexible resin system, there’s no need for unsightly metal clasps. These partials are stronger, more durable and not as prone to staining.
  • EsthetiClasp® – with a back-action clasp design, these partial dentures provide a “metal-free” smile while offering superior strength and function.
  • Vitallium® 2000 – with the ability to resist plaque and maintain high luster, these partial dentures are also smaller and lighter for a more comfortable fit.
  • E-Max® – for a crown that flawlessly mimics the appearance and function of real teeth, we use long-lasting and durable E-Max ceramic crowns.

Contact our office today to see what our laboratory can do for you. For your convenience, we’re pleased to provide pick-up and delivery services.

Are You in a Rush?

We can accommodate emergencies and special pick-up times.

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